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Neuromonitoring Case Review Services


Experience Matters

Neuromonitoring Technologies (NMT) has over 2 decades of experience performing Neuromonitoring services in the operating room during brain, spine, ENT, and vascular surgery. The risk of permanent neurologic damage is high during procedures that place delicate neural structures at risk. Ensuring that a highly competent monitoring team is protecting patients is critical to prevent a negative outcome.

NMT developed a rigorous quality assurance program and case review service to ensure that the highest standards of patient care are delivered while meeting the national standards and guidelines. We offer this service to attorneys who have clients that are faced with the need to review Neuromonitoring data to determine if the IOM team is negligent in their practices. NMT has access to dozens of neurologists that can testify on your behalf and we will match you with the most suitable expert witness.



The case review service at NMT will perform the following services for your firm:
• Perform an intensive case review of the Neuromonitoring data
• Identify surgical milestones during the surgery
• Review the documentation times time-locked to the data to look for inconsistencies
• Evaluate if the practices performed meet the industry standards and national guidelines
• Determine if the surgeon has been notified of changes or loss of data
• Rate the quality of the data and frequency of data collection
• Identify areas of conflict among the surgical team
• Assess communication and/or communication breakdown

NMT will produce a report that provides a comprehensive case review to your office with a summary of our findings. This report will be beneficial when determining negligence of a neuromonitoring team. To find out more informtion, please visit